Various Artists - Sick Reviews - Compiled Corpses (2016)

Music Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: International
Total Size/Quality: 141 mb | MP3 320 Kbps

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Song List:
01. Hymenotomy – Human Feces Collector (Unreleased Promo Version)
02. Mephistopheles – Butchering Of Human Depraved (New Unreleased Track)
03. Carnivorous Voracity – Epiphanies Of Perverse Egocentrism (Rough Mix)
04. Virulency – Mephistophelian Æsthetic Eroticism (New Mix)
05. Cerebral Effusion – Narcissistic Taphonomy (Rough Mix)
06. Chalera – Molesting The False Decapitated Prophet (Rough Mix)
07. Meathook – Coils Of Entrails (New Unreleased Track)
08. Asphyxiate – Self Transform From The Decayed Flesh (Unreleased Demo Version)
09. Gorgasm – Carnivwhore (Rough Mix)
10. Omnipotent Hysteria – Grafting The Cerebral Void (Rough Mix)
11. Putridity – Portrait Of A Soiled Innocence (Rough Mix)
12. Interfectorment – Injecting The Creep (Rough Mix)
13. Latrogenia – Brutally Sodomized (Rough Mix)
14. Mangled Atrocity – Regurgitating Menstrual Seepage (Exclusive Re-Recorded Track)
15. Bowel Stew – Thanatophiliac Partenophagy (Rough Mix)
16. Encenathrakh – Ngthra (Rough Mix)
17. Excoriation – Hanged, Drawn And Quartered (Unreleased Promo Version)
18. Datura – Carve Letter K (Rough Mix)


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