Group “The Herd” made ​​history in the first place, because in its ranks debuted later famous singer Peter Frampton, and secondly, through a series of brilliant psychedelic pop numbers that came from the pen of the author duo Howard-Blaikley. The Group is organized in early 1965 Gary Taylor (guitar, vocals) and Andy Bown (bass, piano, vocals). The group also included Lewis Rich (organ) and Terry Clark (vocals) of “The Eagles”, but not American, and English. Place behind the drums at first took the veteran blues clubs Tony Chapman, who once started as a member of the group ranneblyuzovoy “The Cleftons”, and in the summer and fall of 1962 he played in the embryonic part of “The Rolling Stones”, but by June 1965 it was replaced by Mick Underwood of “The Outlaws “. At first, “The Herd”, like all young London group of those years, playing rhythm and blues. They signed a contract with “Parlophone”, for which the spring of 1966 made ​​two obscure “EP,” then parted company with no regrets with them. Failure plunged the group into shock. Rich, Clark and Underwood left (the first one was gone, Clark later sang in “Jason Crest”, and Underwood played at various times with a dozen groups – from “The Episode 6” and ending with “Gillan”). Their places were taken by drummer Andrew Steele of “Gary Farr And The T-Bones” and no one has a well-known guitarist Peter Frampton. Taylor switched to bass and Bown – on keyboards. In this structure, the group debuted in a London club, and a month later signed a contract with “Fontana”, where “The Herd” immediately taken note of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, already have achieved solid progress with “Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich “and” The Honeycombs “. After a miss with the debut single “I Can Fly / Diary Of A Narcissist” duo found the right recipe in “From The Underworld”, kvazipsihodelicheskoy ballad with abstruse text, which is the summer of 1967 rose by 6-th row of the British charts. His popular group was in large part to the pirate radio stations that cool song from morning till evening. The following year, “The Herd” has visited twice in the pop-lists: a beautifully arranged “Paradise Lost” and “I Do not Want Our Loving To Die”, which was the 15th and 5th respectively. In March 1968 they released their first album, is a typical example of hippie culture with a set of stamps flower power. In June 1968, Steele was gone, and his place was taken by a young Henry Spinetti. That same summer tineydzherskih popular magazine “Rave” and called good-looking blond Frampton’s “Person of the Year”. Label picked up all the youth press and soon “The Herd” faced with a natural “fremptonmaniey.” As luck would have their next “sorokapyatka» “Sunshine Cottage”, this time psychedelia purest water failed and the group was on the verge of collapse. Eventually, in January 1969, Frampton, who was bored as he fell down on the role of a teenage idol and repertoire Howard and Blaikley, left, and three months later organized a blues supergroup “Humble Pie”. Six months, the group played three, but in August of “The Herd” is gone and Taylor. Bown and Spinetti plus new bassist Louis Cennamo of “Jody Grind” the fall of 1969 recorded a final single “The Game” and the same in the winter put the last point in the band’s history. In January 1970, the same two (without Cennamo, who left to create a “Renaissance”) organized a new group of “Judas Jump”. Later, they all played together in the folk-rock group “Storyteller”, but then went their separate ways: Bown worked with Peter Frampton (who in the mid 70s became the star of stadium-scale in the United States), and then in the “Status Quo . “Spinetti collaborated with Chris Steyntonom, Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton. Taylor Steele and met twice: first in the “Kid Gloves”, and a year later in “Stealers Wheel”, after which Taylor appeared only in the ranks of the Anglo-Australian pop group “Fox”. The second album “The Herd” in limited edition and only in the United States. In the early 70s the company “Bumble” has released a compilation of single-coil and rare versions of songs by the band called “Nostalgia”. At this same CD contains recordings of the band’s 1967-1969 (LP “Paradise And Underworld”, singles and unreleased material). 

01. From The Underworld (Single A-Side, 1967) – 3:16
02. Paradise Lost (Single A-Side, 1967) – 3:34
03. I Can Fly (Single A-Side, 1967) – 3:10
04. I Do not Want Our Loving To Die (Single A-Side, 1968) – 2:55
05. Sunshine Cottage (Single A-Side, 1968) – 3:01
06. The Game (Singe A-Side, 1969) – 2:48
07. Sweet William (Single B-Side, 1967) – 2:08
08. Come On, Believe Me (Single B-Side, 1967) – 2:49
09. Diary Of A Narcissist (I’m So Pretty) (Single B-Side, 1967) – 2:10
10. Understand Me (Single B-Side, 1967) – 2:27
11. Our Fairy Tale (Single B-Side, 1968) – 2:38
12. Miss Jones (Single B-Side, 1968) – 3:19
13. Beauty Queen (Single B-Side, 1969) – 1:52
14. Follow The Leader (Unreleased) – 2:10
15. Charlie Anderson (Unreleased) – 2:57
16. Bang! (Unreleased) – 2:26
17. Mother’s Blue Eyed Angel (Unreleased) – 2:58
18. On My Way Home (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 2:01
19. Goodbye Groovy (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 2:44
20. Mixed Up Minds (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 3:08
21. Impressions Of Oliver (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 4:44
22. Sad (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 3:13
23. Something Strange (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 2:45
24. On Your Own (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 3:16
25. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 3:00
26. Fare Thee Well (LP “Paradise And Underworld”) – 4:00

Peter (Peter Kenneth) Frampton – guitar, lead vocals
Gary (Graham) Taylor – bass, vocals
Andy (Andrew Steven) Bown – keyboards, lead vocals
Andrew (Andrew Roy Malcolm) Steele – drums, vocals
Henry (Henry Anthony George) Spinetti – drums


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