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At the beginning of 1968 in the British weekly “Melody Maker” under the heading “Wanted musicians’ drummer Clive Brooks placed his announcement of the creation of the group. The announcement was quite extravagant and 19-year-old musician who played in a couple of years many obscure groups, soon found himself in command called Uriel.
There were already present Hugo “Monty” Montgomery Campbell (bass guitar, vocals) – the grandson of the musical arranger and conductor Martin Shaw, employed by Isadora Duncan, who was involved in musical accompaniment; guitarist Steve Hillage (born 2nd August 1951) and keyboardist Dave Stewart, who taught himself to play the six-string guitar in the age of 12, and only then switched to piano. He never tried to make a career in the absence of music education, he was wary of playing commercial music in nightclubs and halls.
The trio have common interests; Each participant was educated at the London College. Musicians do not have enough songs in the style of “progressive rock”, so Hillidzhu failed to attract the attention of record companies and in July 1968 he went to study philosophy at the University of Kent. In 1971 he returned to London, and creates a team called Khan and signs a contract with Deram Records, Stuart invites …
The trio discussed the option of creating and shallowly quartet changed their name to Egg, enlisted the support of the managers of the underground “Middle Earth”, released a demo recording, often scrolled in order to advertise.
The main purpose of “Middle Earth”, says Stuart in 1985, was to launch his own label under the roof “Decca UK”. Basically, the deal fell through, but became interested in music and in the end, the group was offered a contract yet.
Being heavily influenced by Soft Machine & The Nice, as readily acknowledged musicians having a classical education Campbell standout Stewart hates hackneyed riffs Brooks released EP, “Seven is a jolly good time / You are all princess” August 29, 1969, and UK only. She accurately reflects the tendency to obscure command strokes recorded during the concert. The group was met by sluggish promoters; by radio stations also showed complete indifference. Everything is as it quickly went nowhere, despite the fact that the cult British rock music of the era strongly dominated.
Nevertheless, it was necessary to implement plans to release the LP, and in October, together with Pat Boland and a small group of like-minded guys managed to release a full-fledged album “Deram Nova Iogo”, which is a branch of “Decca Nova” – the company that gathered more or less complete collection of esoteric and obscure music.
Unfortunately, calculated on buyer-speculator, but not having a strong market fundamentals, as the manufactured products was calculated on too experienced listener, “Nova” could not live a long time. The contribution of the group manages only a short time to prolong the agony of the company, which later went bankrupt and was acquired by “PolyGram” in 1980. Musicians were exceptionally demanding of himself and his music; they constantly gave concerts, did much session work on the radio; reworked the old repertoire Uriel applied to Egg. The true name of the group and has not appeared – and the guys were named Arzachel. Unlike most compatriots Nova – Ashkan, Clark-Hutchinson, Jan Dukes De Gray, Pacific Drift, Black Cat Bones and Aardvark – Egg managed to release a second album a few months later – the result of their unparalleled bravery in commercial terms. Album Title – The Polite Force. On this occasion, we celebrate not only the record as the group itself. 8 tracks that are on this record, unfortunately, were released in mono. On the album, wrote a rather strange words “It’s not dance music.” And it’s true – just listen – just an experiment designed for an attentive and thoughtful listener.

1970 – Egg
Side 1
1. Bulb (0:09)
2. While Growing my Hair (3:53)
3. I will be Absorbed (5:10)
4. Fugue in D Minor (2:46)
5. They laughed when I sat down at the Piano… (1:17)
6. The song of McGuillicudie the Pusillanimous (or don’t worry James, your socks are hanging in the coal cellar with Thomas) (5:07)
7. Boilk (1:00)
Side 2
8. Symphony No 2 (22:26)
a) Movement 1 (5:47)
b) Movement 2 (6:20)
c) Blane (5:28)
d) Movement 4 (4:51)
– Dave Stewart / organ, piano, tone generator
– Mont Campbell / bass, vocals
– Clive Brook / drums
Total Time: 41:48

1971 – The Polite Force

Side 1
1. A visit to Newport Hospital (8:26)
2. Contrasong (4:25)
3. Boilk (9:21)
Side 2
4. Long Piece No. 3 (20:40)
4.1. Part 1 (5:08)
4.2. Part 2 (7:38)
4.3. Part 3 (5:02)
4.4. Part 4 (2:52)
Total Time: 42:52
– Mont Campbell / bass, vocals, organ (4.1), Piano (4.1), French horn (4.2)
– Dave Stewart / Organ, Piano, tone generator (4.3)
– Clive Brooks / drums
– Henry Lowther / trumpet (2)
– Mike Davis / trumpet (2)
– Bob Downes / Tenor sax (2)
– Tony Roberts / Tenor sax (2)

1974 – The Civil Surface

Side 1
1. Germ Patrol (8:31)
2. Wind Quartet 1 (2:20)
3. Enneagram (9:07)
Side 2
4. Prelude (4:17)
5. Wring Out The Ground (Loosely Now) (8:11)
6. Nearch (3:22)
7. Wind Quartet 2 (4:48)
Total Time: 41:36
– Dave Stewart / organ, piano; bass (6)
– Clive Brooks / drums
– Mont Campbell / bass, voice, French horn and piano
– Jeremy Baines / Germophone & Bowle
– Lindsay Cooper / oboe, basson (1-6)
– Tim Hodgkinson / clarinet (1-6)
With Help of:
– Amanda Parsons / singing (4)
– Ann Rosenthal / singing (4)
– Barbara Gaskin / singing (4)
– Steve Hillage / guitar (5)
Wind Quartet performed By:
– Mont Campbell / French horn
– Maurice Cambridge / clarinet
– Stephen Solloway / flute
– Chris Palmer / basson

Egg~Egg (1970)

Egg~The Civil Surface (1974)

Egg~The Polite Force (1971)


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